​​C.C Glitzer

                DRAG QUEEN

About Me

Claudia is from a small Town in Germany called Saarbrücken, close to the French border.
She grew up in the Red Light District of the city.
There she is known for her big mouth and even bigger booty.
The cash came flowing in." Make it rain baby."

After saving all her  coins,  she decided to go after the American Dream and moved to Miami, Florida. There she realized, there was no Red Light District and the "Glitzer" in her name was born.
She is a Professional  Entertainer,  Lipsyncer,  dances,  and is the best Queen to host your events.
From glamorous to trashy, for day or night, she is the Queen you want.
​And if you want a little extra you know where she is.

My name is Claudia Clit Glitzer or  C.C. if you're nasty.
Life looks so much better with Glitzer on top of it!!!

Much LOVE,

Claudia Clit Glitzer